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  • The clothing is inspired by a song called “Ziva Muntuuyo”, meaning “It’s (money) earned from sweat”, by a Sylvester Kabombo, the other half of the Ugandan Hiphop duo Sylvester & Abramz. The song talks about the hardships that people go through to make a living and the ones who spend more of their time talking than working to put food on the table. The latter hardly celebrate people’s success because they feel that it’s not well deserved or rightfully earned and these could be relatives, friends or strangers. The clothing has been featured in some of the biggest publications in Uganda and East Africa. Check out the song here:

  • The clothing is inspired by a song called “Kyendi Kyendi”, meaning “I am Who I am”, by a Ugandan Hiphop duo known as Sylvester and Abramz. The song urges people to be free and proud of whom they are no matter the situation they go through because before you long for the society to accept you as you’re, you have to start with yourself. The song has appeared as a soundtrack in local and international films and the recent one is “Shake The Dust”, directed by Adam Sjoberg and executive produced by Nas. Check out the song here:

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