Terms & Conditions

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  • This website is intended to provide general information on a particular subject or subjects. It is not an exhaustive treatment of such subject(s), nor does it create a business or professional service relationship.
  • Confirmations are mandatory for all orders.
  • Delays may occur, especially during (i) peak seasons, (ii) unanticipated unavailability (iii) due to any unanticipated government or local restrictions or limitations, and (iv) unfathomable weather conditions.


  • Something Ugandan provides door-to-door delivery within Kampala, in at most 24 Hours. For the East African region, deliveries are within 48-72 Hours, and, for the rest of the world, within 5-7 working days.
  • An extra fee, twice the normal delivery fee, will be charged for what can and will be understood to amount to emergency deliveries.
  • Something Ugandan will only proceed to make deliveries for all orders placed by clients who pay through the Pesapal options, but only after confirmation of payment.
  • Clients who make payments by way of Pesapal will receive either an E-mail or text message notification for the payment they have made as coming from Umoja Bridge (U) Limited, a shareholder in Something Ugandan.