Luganda Nursery Rhymes – Diana Lwanga.

Diana Lwanga, a.k.a Mukwano Gw’abato.

Diana Lwanga, a.k.a Mukwano Gw’abato was born and raised in Uganda.
She left for Europe, the United Kingdom, several years ago, and, as time went by, she began to miss her home – Uganda – and memories of her childhood filled her mind as she parented her four children.
She was reminded of all the songs she sung as a child, the games she played, and the stories she was told.

It is some of those songs she presents to us as these Luganda Nursery Rhymes.

The cover image of Diana Lwanga’s Luganda Nursery Rhymes.

I LOVED listening to Mukwano Gw’abato a.k.a Diana Lwanga’s Luganda Nursery Rhymes CD.

Here are a few highlights why;

a. The production is extremely excellent.

b. Her voice is pristine. She varies it, on all 25 tracks, so beautifully.

c. You do not need to be young or old or to know Luganda to enjoying listening. You can ably ably sing along.

d. Some songs will make you dance (Alyetoloola Olusozi). Some songs will make smile and or laugh (Twaja Tuli Mbuzi). Some songs will soothe or calm you (Aliwa Aliwa Omuto Saala). Some songs will help you reminisce (Swi Kano Akanyonyi, which until now, I always thought was Sweet Kanyonyi). Some songs, the last four, are wonderful lullabies (Wowooto).

e. It is a good opportunity for the little ones to learn the language and it’s particulars, like counting, for example (Ffe Tuli Embaata Ento) and time keeping (Ssawa Bweziwera Omukaaga).

f. It is a good document, one that helps you appreciate the Ganda culture (references to the Kabaka, and familiar places like Kampala and Nakivubo on the track Nabbubi Yazimba), and animals, both domestic and wild (Enjovu), and codes of courtesy (Ondabira Nyo Ssenga).

g. Then there are wonderful covers of the memorable classics, like Sirikawo, which she tweaked because no baby would be soothed with a broken kettle or ebbeere eddwade.

h. The songs are brief. Concentration will not be an issue. The shortest is 0.45, and the longest is 2:48 which means that you can play it over and over gain.

My favourite was Kappa Egoba Goba. Her inclusion of the mews of a cat were so cheerful that not only can you not miss it, but it will also grow on you.

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